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As an energy healer, artist, and addict of the pole fitness world I’ve found my life has been filled with passion for life, arts, dance, and the magical world of energy.  The journey for me has not always been this way.  For years I lived in a negative mindset, victimization, b.s. belief systems, and dysfunctional patterns.  Then the awakening happened within me and I started to heal, evolve, and break so many repeat patterns that had always held me powerless.

Along this same timeline of going within and healing I found pole fitness.  Wow!  It didn’t take me long to realize not only did I have mental and emotional issues but I had serious body issues.  Here I was in love with a type of fitness that required me to wear little bathing suit type outfits while I put my body into all kinds of yoga type configurements. And if you met me you would roll your eyes in your head because I was blessed with a really nice physical body. BUT still when I started I didn’t really want to take off my shirt or feel comfortable in those bottoms.  It took me a year to wear a “Pole Outfit”.  And I started to question . . . why do I have issues with connecting to myself, my body, and being a woman confident in herself and her sexuality? What kind of shame is inside of me?  Why would certain parts of me need to be covered where it’s totally normal to expose your hands, arms, face, etc?  What’s the difference really? If I had been born into a society that ran around saying cover your hands at all costs, do not show them, would I have some weird issues about showing my hands? Seriously animals do not care or feel the need to “be covered” just us? Their body shape, size, color, etc has absolutely no effect on them what-so-ever. All of this led to a whole series of issues and much deeper dynamics I found locked in my chakra’s and energy centers that were all creating life problems, physical health issues, and emotional baggage.  The divine Goddess within me was severely wounded and in trauma.  And the beauty of pole fitness along with the experiences with energy and consciousness paved the clearing path pulling me out of a very dark place.

All of these elements worked together to heal the damaged “feminine divine”.  Through aerial arts along with energy work I became stronger not just physically but emotionally and mentally, more flexible on the pole and in life, and internally more in tune with myself and others along with my feminine nature.  For so long it was locked down in shame and repressed by societal dysfunctional belief systems.  As an artist that led me to creating more paintings fusing these feelings together. All of that personal work has led me to a serious passion to assist others on the same path.  Those wanting to break free of the cages we lock ourselves into unknowingly!

As a leader in the wave of the consciousness revolution I offer a wide variety of passions to the universe.

ARTWORK:  I’m just getting started with you aerial fitness and the awakening. I have a lot more paintings in the works including lyra (hoop) and silks. Plus I’m working on a series of statement paintings about this preconditioning we must break regarding our feminine and masculine sides along with sexuality. Shame is on it’s way out whether it’s about your body, sexuality, or these societal dysfunctional programs!

HEARTWORK:  We were born to heal ALL of our wounded parts that are reflecting in the outside world.  All suffering is created by us and can healed by us.  We’ve been looking at all these systems separately but they work in unison as ONE.  They are all woven together in one word we call ENERGY.  This is the basis of all life and links the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies together.  Everything here is composed of frequencies and vibrations.  The energetic blueprint is the input of the physical reality we see and creates our lives along with our relationships to each other. To resolve suffering in the visible world we must do healing work at the soul energetic level!

POLE AND AERIAL SILK PRIVATES:  Book a private lesson in pole or silks!  I am Certified Xpert Pole Fitness Level 1/2 trainer. Get stronger, more in tune with your body, and yourself through the beauty of aerial arts.  Aerial fitness has an amazing connection to the healing techniques used in Energy Medicine and the principles of yoga to open meridians while we stretch and flex. There is a lot of science around it’s power most people do not really know beyond just loving it as a fitness. When you book a private session with me you are getting the beauty of that world along with warm ups and cool downs that fuse strengthening the aura, opening chakra’s, and expanding your consciousness ALL IN ONE!

We are in a beautiful time of Enlightenment, healing, and amazing growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Energetically it’s a very revolutionary time to be alive!

Check out MY SHOP page or click the link https://spiritualhealeraz.com/shop/ to purchase artwork, book energy work, or a private lesson on the pole or aerial silks.

Marlene “Smoke” Eckel, MSH, RMT

Indigo Healer

Master Spiritual Healer (MSH)

Eden Energy Medicine (Certified Year 1)

Level 1 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy – Dolores Cannon

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Multiple Lineages to Mikao Usui Sensai (RMT)

Karuna-Ki Reiki Master, Lineage to Vincent Amador

Chakra Balancing Certification

Crystal Healing Certification

AKASH Certification

Silence and Spiritual Maturity Certification

Xpert Pole Fitness Teacher Certification Level 1 & 2

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