Balanced Life Energy Healing

Balanced Life Energy Healing


Receive the balanced life energy healing and reading to understand how your energy is flowing through the chakra’s, meridians, aura, and 5 rhythm cycle.  This is a complete reading and balancing.  From the reading you will understand area’s of self work that will assist in keeping commonly shut down energy systems open!


We are all spiritual beings in a physical body to become perfectly balanced. Our energy systems are constantly opening and closing as we navigate life. Our purpose here is to remain open at all times regardless of our surroundings. Truly we are here in this dimension purposely full of darkness to grow stronger into the light!

We have all incarnated here to learn and grow. Many times this includes hurt, pain, anger and some type of suffering to serve as our messenger of our wounded parts. These emotions connect to energy systems and our energy systems feed our physical body. Your reading will include the major energy systems that have blockages. Energy work to remove the blockage as well as tips for you to use as you navigate life.

The purpose is to help you see your unhealed parts and move through the wounds to heal!

This will include a detailed chart and reading of your chakra’s, aura, meridians, and the 5 rhythms. The energy flow according to the ancient traditional medicine wheel. You will also receive a clearing 10-15 negative emotions as well as a list of negative emotions you are currently running. These currently running programs will help you see repeat patterns where you are unconsciously attracting negative situations. The goal is to give you the necessary tools and techniques along with self knowledge to continue the energy work yourself if you wish to continue on your own.

Please include details about yourself, your life, and any specific issues you are wishing to address.  A photo of yourself is helpful but not required.

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