Crystal Energy Healing

Crystal Energy Healing


Crystals are powerful healers!  Receive a crystal energy healing and a reading on which crystal is resonating the highest in your life.  All crystals carry different healing powers and wearing a crystal attuned to your energy can assist in raising your vibration and promote healing.  For those wandering, “Which crystal should I wear?” this is a great bonus!


Crystals are very powerful healers. They do not have the ego to drag down their frequency making them a beautiful way to clear blockages and get more attuned raising your vibration.  Receiving crystal energy healing and work in a crystal grid is a beautiful and powerful experience!

You will need to express your specific intention for the crystal healing.  What issues are you want to address?  Also, please send a file of some type to represent your energy signature. It could be a picture of you or an image you highly resonate with that will be in the center of the crystal grid. I will print the image, arrange the crystal grid with you in the center, email you a photo of the arrangement that will stay in my healing space for 24 hours, as well as send you a crystal reading!

If you prefer not to send an image I will assign your energy signature to a crystal and place it in the center of the grid. There are lot’s of options! Just be sure to include which option you would like and if you have a specific issue you would like to focus healing energy on!

To be clear on exactly what is a crystal reading?

We all have different times in our lives when different crystals resonate more highly with us. I intuitively pick a crystal that resonates with your energy.  Along with your crystal healing you receive information on this crystal and exactly what significance it carries in your life.  Also receive free tips on how to pick your own crystal!

That means the total package includes a 24 hour crystal energy healing, a crystal reading, plus free tips on how to choose and use crystals in your life!  This is a great value for those attuned to the power of crystals and the stunning effects they have in our lives.  One day I will live in a house designed with crystals!

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