Healing Session – Zoom/Skype

Healing Session – Zoom/Skype


Healing sessions are available over Skype or Zoom using a technique called Introspective Hypnosis.  The purpose of the hypnosis is to access a higher state of consciousness that is the store house for all repressed emotions.  It is through this investigation of trauma that the healing work can be done and the connections between all lifetimes can be made.  As we all enter into the state of Enlightenment we must entangle this sea of karma, unhealed wounds, failed spiritual tests, repressed emotions and enter into the authentic version of our highest selves.

You must have a headset in order to schedule the session so we can easily communicate even if you talk softly.

Please set aside 2-3 hours for these sessions.  $175

A $75 deposit is required.

You can call 928-713-7654 or email soulstrippers@yahoo.com to set your appointment.

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