Spiritual Counseling Via Phone

Spiritual Counseling Via Phone

One hour phone/skype session looking at the body in a holistic way through the energetic imprint that is being coded by the mental, emotional, and spiritual body.  Unravel the mysteries in your life holding you back from stepping through your own suffering!


Spiritual counseling can serve many purposes depending on where you are on the path!  Spiritual coaching looks at the mirror of life to unravel the mysteries that are looming on the conscious mind.  The intertwining of the subconscious and conscious mind, how the mental, energetic, physical, and emotional bodies work together is all part of the journey.  Sometimes we just need help in how to unravel these mysteries!  The spiritual and physical world are intertwined one within another and when we start “awakening” we realize that life is merely reflecting what we need to know through a painful system of suffering.  If we didn’t have the suffering we would never deal with our internal unhealed wounds and the cracks in our souls.  Yet the point is to fully heal and move from suffering into unconditional love, compassion, bliss, and peace.  What is standing in your way that you cannot see?  The physical world is simply a mirror of the energetic/spiritual blueprint . . . let’s see how your standing in your own way and remove the blockages!

  • Soul mate questions
  • Life path questions
  • Where are you losing energy “toxic relationships”
  • Healing trauma with lower level hypnosis
  • Why am I creating repeat patterns
  • Dark night of the soul recovery
  • Recovering from narcissistic/controlling relationships
  • Waking up “Where do I go from here?”
  • Finding your authentic self
  • Dream interpretation
  • Understanding the matrix/holographic universe
  • Light body Coaching – Achieving Perfect Balance

What questions are inside you?  You decide what you want to focus on and we use a weaving of systems to finally get to the heart of the situation.

You must contact me to set up a time for your session.  Via email at soulstrippers@yahoo.com or phone 928-713-7654.

One hour phone/skype session.  $55.00

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Just your average girl who "awakened" and realized everything she had ever learned was a stack of lies. The breaking of all the "rules" has completely changed my health physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Looking to educate, inspire, and transform and for the team of "rule breakers"!

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