Evilution Evolution Soulution

Evilution Evolution Soulution

Let’s get serious about using evil for evolution because all we need is a little re-ordering of letters to reach LOVE.  Replace that I with an O, reverse the order and boom done deal.  EVIL TO EVOL TO LOVE.  Did you know that computer programming is based off of I/O files . . . Input/Output.  I am a complete nut for these kinds of parallel meanings and word plays in this dimension.  I mean the creator and design chief is positively AMAZING!  It blows my mind all of the time!  Symbolism, synchronicity, spiritual world and physical reality reflections it’s truly a magical experience.  So what is going on here?  Why is Earth and this 3rd dimensional experience full of DARKNESS?  Why am I proposing to you that it serves a purpose and is necessary in our development?  The toxic people in our life and the “powers that be” couldn’t have a spiritual purpose?  The illuminati, the new world order, narcissists, toxic folks and the imprisonment of the matrx cannot be by design.  Or can it?

hmmmmm that’s exactly what I am proposing to you.  There are 2 forces at work here designed to develop you.  They create suffering inside us only where they match our wounded parts or failed spiritual tests.

Good and Evil.

This is where the baseline war between these forces originates and is working to strengthen us if we can switch our perspective.  So what exactly is the light?  And what is the dark?  How does this all coincide with what we are doing here?  How does this work in soul development?  For any of you unfamiliar with the book “The Holy Science” it is an amazing work and great read into so many concepts that you will find in the coming posts.  For anyone interested here is the link for the free download.

The Holy Science by Swami Jui Maharaj

Assuming you don’t have time to read the book let’s talk about the darkness and the light.  Here are some examples of them in terms of true-self versus ego.  We will get more into how they shut off energy to our bodies as we discuss the individual tactics the dark forces use to get us to flip our switches into the ego or false-self direction.  For now just know that these are all inner-connected with the energy systems like your chakra’s, meridians, radiant circuits, etc.  When we are operating in our true-self and the light it opens up the energy feeding our physical bodies need to facilitate health, bliss, and higher states of consciousness.

The narcissists, toxic people, government in terms of the Illuminati, or if your looking at the galactic war the Reptilians, basically all dark bodies incarnated here in a physical form are all working to pull us into the darkness.  When we flip this internal switch from our true-self or Buddha nature into the ego or false-self it creates an energy feed.  This is where we are going to get into etheric cords and exactly where the beast out there hooks into the beast inside of us.   We are completely living in ignorance and unaware of how this works.  Unknowingly we as light bodies are feeding the dark bodies our energy because they are spurring the darkness inside of us.

These are the cords of energy that we are going to get into disconnecting.  The techniques, tactics, and tools that are being used against us will be discussed in each blog post.  How to completely cut off their power supply by doing your own self-work and jumping all of the spiritual hurdles will be given for your consideration and hopefully application.  This dimension is simply a training ground for spiritual warriors.  There is nothing that you need to do but your own personal work.

There are no wars to fight but the war the dark forces are triggering inside of us.  Until each of us learns what they are designed to teach us and can operate in spirit with all of our energy systems open and flowing all of the time we need to keep re-incarnating here.  This is where we are at with the stage of enLIGHTenment!  Realizing what are the illusions and what is the truth.  The lack of concern for the Earth, each other, and everyone all of this darkness as a cohesive unit is just like being in a “game”.  All the darkness is an illusion creating the set ups, situations, and dynamics to teach you to grow.  That’s ALL.  But that illusion creates a huge web of dark energy and negative forces within us.  This is what must be reconciled.

This is where we have to get accountable for letting them plug into our energy field!

We have control of one person here and that’s us!  We as light bodies need to do the personal work to seal off our own energetic bodies and stop feeding them our energy.  When we can completely become a container of light in the valley of darkness their purpose and the reason they can survive will completely crumble.  So what am I proposing to you?

We are in a container of 2 opposing forces as we’ve discussed in the blog post Bully Brave.

One of these forces is working to keep a constant state of light.  One of these forces is designed to live off of darkness.  So what is in light and dark energy?!?  We must get crystal clear on this so we know how to stop feeding the beasts.  In order to get this energy they create a lot of illusions.  The little guy toxic people and the big world order toxic people.  Everything is set up to feed this negative force and supply us with the spiritual tests.  We are going to dive deep into the systems that are being used against us like the media, FDA, healthcare, pollution, war, etc. to finally get to the bottom of this.  What is true need for their design?  For today let’s break down the purpose of the media or “news”.

So many of you who have most likely found me are aware of dramatization the news uses to put all of us in a negative mindset.  What I’m looking to get a little deeper look into is the darkness it spurs inside of us.  Have you ever wandered why they zero in and exaggerate the world events to be worse than they are?  You can be having the “best day ever” until you turn on the latest edition of the “worst shit ever”.  That’s where they flip the switch in us.  Here’s how horrific we are as a population in general.

We are destroying our earth.

We are destroying each other.

Tons of people suffering needlessly.

Now there’s nothing you can do about all of these atrocities but go have a nice day.  Tune in next time to watch us twist reality into the best possible episode of the “worst shit ever” and use it to misinform the masses so the general population will be mind controlled into following our agenda.  bahaha.

Let’s talk about this with our bodies mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

  1. Mentally our brains are naturally wired to be and focus on the negative.  This is where they will mirror our own internal voice until we learn to switch the programming inside of us.  Plus thoughts become things as we know what we focus on we attract.  If your looking to attract more horrific states of the world what do you keep feeding people.  Feeling out of control, powerless, sad, and disheartened by the current state of affairs.  Plus they want to tap into your mind and control your perspectives.  If you see the agenda here it’s infuriating!!  You are hurting people on purpose, twisting all facts to fit your illusion, and I have no control.
  2. Emotionally you switch from high vibes (light) like love, peace, and happiness to move into the negative emotional wheelhouse.  Judgments, division, anger, hate, compare/contrast mindset, etc. are luring you into their ego trap (dark).  If you feel worse after watching the news or getting on social media, yahoo, etc then start watching what switches are being flipped.
  3. Spiritually and energetically we all start playing God.  Not only do we want to decide what is right and wrong we want to be in control.  We are unforgiving.  We are angry.  We lose our connection.  This is where the spiritual test comes in for us.  We have to let go of what we can’t control and realize that everything is working in it’s perfect order for the highest good.  Any of us who have seen karma roll around and around know this to be true.  Nothing is happening here by chance.  Our bodies have an energetic imprint of everything we have been carrying from all lifetimes that needs to be worked out.  If someone gets killed in a shooting there is a specific purpose and karmic debt being paid.  Murders and mayhem happen for reasons and the divine order.  When we spend our time deciding what is right and wrong we shut down several chakra’s and energy systems.
  4. That’s where we get into the physical repercussions of these negative thoughts.  When your chakra’s and energy systems are shut down the energy to physical body is turned off.  Look at the glands and body parts connected to the heart chakra alone.  Your heart is the biggest electromagnetic field in your body.  Or the brow chakra who wants to be in control of the world at this moment.  Have you ever heard of that doctor who ate clean, exercised like crazy, and then fell over dead from a heart attack at 50?  You know why that happens.  Heart chakra shutdowns.  Guaranteed you hook up a pace maker and start monitoring when it has to jump start your heart it’s every time you emotionally shut down that energetic field.  Stress that can be created by being over-connected and as Empaths we absolutely have our hearts wanting to fix, heal, and save everything.    
  5. Let’s talk about unconditional love for a moment because this is a seriously missed triangle that needs to be remedied and unveiled.  Eva Mozes Kor gives a great example of this in her interview as a holocaust survivor who forgave those who intentionally hurt her.  This woman absolutely positively passed the spiritual test they created by making her the subject of twin experiments.  These people are committing horrific crimes that are unfathomable to us.  We have valid reasons to hold some bitterness, anger, and judgement’s against them for what they have done to us.  If we do not let this go and love unconditionally we hurt ourselves and join the dark force.  They love people on conditions and so do we!  Even if these are exact opposite systems to love people conditionally it’s all conditional love.  Does that mean we condone or wish to operate in the same ways as they do?  No.  We have one person here that we control and by watching the news with some horrific story while choosing to unconditionally love we can change a whole lot of energy transferring.  If you decide to let go of what you cannot fix, unconditionally love everyone even those who do not seem to deserve it, even though you have valid reasons to hate that’s the golden ticket!

Have you seen Wonderwoman when she gets to the end of her battle and decides to show mercy on the mad scientist?  This is what the darkness is trying to do here.  Allow everyone to be placed in the container where it is the ruler and each of us get to decide what voice to choose.  This is a spiritual dynamic by design.  Unconditional love and forgiveness even for those who have so obviously have hurt one another is not easy.  Add in letting go of trying to control everyone and everything else when the state of the world appears horrific and it’s an interesting recipe.  The desire to play God pulls on the heart strings even though he already knows exactly what he is doing here.  Those are spiritual tests created by the horrific displays we see on “the news”.  And I do believe we are meant to move beyond these systems but until we completely let go of any anger, resentment, bitterness or judgments they are still necessary on our wheel of evolution.

What can we do here to stop this wheel?

  • If you choose to engage in the media’s crazy making pick unconditional love and forgiveness.  Realize that God knows what he is doing in everyone’s lives.  Everything here has a purpose!
  • Any time you would have spent pointing the finger at what they are doing re-direct the time and energy to yourself to be a better person, a better neighbor, a better friend.  The media is in many ways just a diversion and waste of time when we could be focusing on taking action to really do things that make a difference.
  • Don’t be their emotional puppet.  They are feeding you specific information on purpose to play on your heart strings.  They want you to engage that negative voice and feed into the creation of more horrific acts by focusing your attention on the “terrible” state of the world.  Don’t be mind controlled.  Do your own research and make choices that are NOT led by their lies.  They are not here for your best interest.  They are here to try to tear us all down.  We must build ourselves up.  We choose what we believe regardless of their lies.  This is providing us with training by having the majority mind controlled so we have to stand against the them in our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to be independent.  This takes greater personal power and builds us into stronger beings if you use the experience as an opportunity to grow!
  • Tune into positive channels that educate, ignite, and inspire us.  There are so many wonderful things happening and new inventions that never get on the press release.  Start plugging into them!  Focus on the great directions we are heading so we can use our force to create more wonderful things happening.  This may take some re-wiring because we love drama.  “The dirt” is what makes ratings for a reason.  We love it!  Besides it may trigger some other personal work where we feel better about ourselves.  Would you rather see some amazing person who is changing the world who reminds you that you are simply a human being feeling somewhat insignificant in yourself or watch some horrific acts so you can feel better about yourself and the state of your affairs?  Is the fact they love drama fueling the fact you love drama?  This happens on a personal level and a big governmental level.  The toxic people at your job spreading gossip, the media, the focus of every event is what we talk about.  “The dirt” is so much more interesting than boring old peace and happiness.

This is very much where the mirrors of reality come in to show us what we need to heal, up-level, and evolve.  They have control of the matrix because we keep handing them the control.

If all of us would just switch our own thinking about the world from pointing the finger and blaming others to self-realization we would “unfuck the world”.  Not by changing them but by unfucking ourselves.  By jumping the spiritual tests they are meant to supply.  As long as you are angry or bitter at anyone even those who have made the most horrific offenses against mankind you have not learned what they are designed to teach you.  Besides all anger and bitterness is what they want to trigger to get that energetic feed.

This is exactly what Nelson Mandela is referencing in his great quote, “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”  He gets it, Eva Kor gets it, and it’s the time for all of us to get it.  And know I put myself in the category of all of us who haven’t gotten it but I’m ready and consciously work on myself daily.

If we want to clean up the outside world we have to be willing to do the inner work to clean up the inside.  That means dropping the negative frequencies and replacing them with the positive frequencies.  That’s the spiritual evolution destination soulution!

Let’s bliss this place up!

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Much gratitude and love to everyone on their journey either way!

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