Soul Messages from the Moonstone

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Soul Messages from the Moonstone

I’ve noticed a complete cycle of personal awakening and development that has been rotating around the red moons.  Does anyone remember the series of 4 red moons all occurring on Jewish holidays that started in 2014?  That’s when I started having experiences with energy and consciousness.  My own awakening!!!  Do you realize that the moon and all the planets are simply elements, stones, or crystals themselves?

Is there anyone else who notices internal shifts around these MOONS?

And something else completely fascinated me around this Lunar Eclipse, blood moon, super moon, blue moon, red moon on January 31, 2018.  I had two different conversations with people around stones.  Plus my purse showed up in the mail on that day which is super fabulous!!!

There are all kinds of multi dimensional elements fused in here the moons themselves, flower of life or “atom” represented on the back, symbols of the multidimensional universe, chakras, four triangles on the back in the corners of the square represent the 4 directions or the 4 energies earth, air, water, fire and the stones, Laboradorite on the front, Azurite on the back, and more. I love it!  Presents from the universe always come with this fascinating timing!  This was originally was meant to be my Christmas present but it was so much fun designing it with Cheyenne Williams at East Coast Leather it took longer than expected.  So when I checked the shipping and found it had hit my mailbox on January 31st it reminded me that nothing here is coincidence.  If you love custom handcrafted leather work like this you can find her beautiful work on Etsy or use this link to her shop!

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So interesting to me too because during this window of Eclipse time I had seen my dear friend who is working the Tuscon Gem Show have a beautiful mystic quartz ring show up.  And she found a coin in the dance studio that had her spirit animal on it along with Queen Elizabeth on the back.  Elizabeth is her middle name.  Plus another friend of mine asked me some questions about stones.  That sparked me into this whole blog.  She has been told to carry moonstone and rose quartz.

What is my opinion on that?

How do they work as protection?

What is she supposed to do with the stone?

I am absolutely not a fan of believing or putting my personal power on a stone.  I am however a huge fan of calling the properties of the stone into ourselves.  When stones come into our lives the universe is sending us a message.  This is the time opening for us to do the personal work to take on the qualities of the stone.  We are on a great journey of Alchemy as we become all of the properties, frequencies, and vibrations necessary to become a pure frequency and vibration.  The stones are assisting us but we are not depending on them to do the inner work for us.  Which I suppose somewhat frazzles me about current information like stones are the metaphysical world of prescription drugs bahaha.

Here carry this stone and then you don’t have to do any self-work at all.  The stone will do it for you.  No, I don’t believe that and not that I don’t believe in crystals, stones, and earth elements obviously I do.  I know when my spiritual body is the perfect balance of all the elements my physical reality will be surrounded by them.  I will have a house made of crystals, stones, and earth elements.  I love them!!!  I just don’t believe in handing them our power.  And in some ways I think they are marketed as such and that’s not the intention of them in my mind.  And there are hundreds of opinions.  But if a stone comes into my life then I look it up and find out what is the meaning here.  It is absolutely relevant to my life.  It’s the same way I get drawn to stones that I wear.

My brain is not one to memorize the properties of each crystal or know all the names.  I go off of feeling and being drawn to a particular piece.  Plus when these assistants or personal messengers come into my life in such a way as I wear them all of the time I know it’s significant to my journey.  I have lots of crystals and use them for grids all of the time.  They are fascinating!!  However, there are only a few that I wear all of the time or feel an energy to pack them with me.  The universe works the same way for all of us!!  You are having a magical experience here and the messages are always around us!!

If you are just awakening and metaphysical energy has come into your life in the form of a stone, crystal, earth element in an impactful significant way look up the spiritual or energetic meaning that it carries.  Do personal work on those area’s and call all the energy into you.  The universe will line up all the necessary players, situations, and experiences in your life to make it happen.

What we are doing here using these earth elements to assist us is spiritual alchemy!  Natural earth elements do not carry ego’s, trauma’s, and unhealed wounds.  There vibration is pure.  We however do carry all of these negative frequencies and vibrations.  As we do the inner work though we raise our own elemental properties.  Thus becoming closer and closer to our natural vibration which is pure and untainted by ego or this 3rd dimensional experience called Earth.  Even the people who are in our lives we consider “toxic” we realize are simply ways to raise our vibration and show us our own unhealed wounds.  You cannot take on someone else’s toxic behaviors unless you have an inner matching wound which we will be diving into on the next post.

I will be using stones that have come into my life to show you specific examples of how I feel this works that you can use to cross reference into your own life.  You will just need to apply the concepts into your own journey.  Be your own soul investigator!

Here’s a link to a great article on spiritual alchemy for those just being introduced to the concept.

Think about it . . . all the exterior elements reflect the interior elements!  Is the base metal a soul frequency . . . are you moving through the elemental chart by changing your inner charges?  Everything here is inner related.  Meridians run like rivers, chakra’s rotate like the solar system, the mirror image of eartHEART which both include the word EAR meaning listen to the messages, and I could go on!

And I love google it’s such a cool span of time right now with so much information at our finger tips.  For sure I know from the time the first gemstone showed up in my life to today has been a wild ride.  I’m so grateful!  My life has done a complete reversal from just a few years ago.  My life is full of magic, beauty, and wander!  But without this awakening and these experiences I would still be asleep and in that self created prison I used to live in.  Let’s all wake up and make magic!

What gemstone are you right now?

What do we need to do to rid your body of all this trauma, unhealed wounds, and places where you are toxic to yourself being mirrored back by toxic situations, relationships, and your feelings about life?

What are the negative frequencies and vibrations that must be transformed so you can ascend your soul through the great journey of elements.  Awaken your inner alchemist!

Within this physical world we see is the energetic world.  You hold the universe inside of you yet there is pollution soul pollution mirrored as earth pollution standing in your/our way of magic of ascension, of NEW Earth, of us all crystallizing our experience.

Let’s crystallize!

It’s my mission in 2018 to provide free, easily accessible, understandable, clear information to everyone regardless of economic level.  If you feel like you have received something of value from this, feel inspired to do so, and are in a financial position to donate to this cause you can click the link below.  All donations go to support the time and energy I invest in providing these resources to everyone regardless of their financial situation.  In fact, some of the people who need this information the most have running programs and money blockages that prevent them from being able to afford the basics much less energy healing. Yes, I will be going into that soon too!

Much gratitude and love to everyone on their journey either way!

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