Let’s Get Stoned!

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Let’s Get Stoned!

Let’s get stoned bahaha . . . o.k. it’s a different kind of stoned than you might be thinking.  Still spellbinding I promise!  Breaking down the messages of stones, crystals, and earth elements in our lives is such a fascinating experience.  Let’s take what we’ve discussed on the last post Soul Messages from the Moonstone and pull it into some specific examples.  I’m going to use some of my own experiences but I want you to cross reference them with yours.  Plug in your own experience and just use it as a baseline idea.

Here’s the first stone that came into my life after awakening!  Which before I woke up I had no clue that crystals were anything but cool looking.  I had heard people talk about them but I was still sleeping and thought maybe they just smoked a little tooooo much wacky stuff.  Now people probably think that about me even though I don’t do any kind of drugs including white sugar and flour lol.  I do think the world is full of fun games with words however and love finding these little treasures.  Have you ever noticed things like crystal and crystal meth?  Isn’t that what drug users are seeking?  A state of consciousness that is inside of them without pain.  They just don’t know how to access it without the drug. Reality is just so harsh and so many things here do not make sense. The high creates the need for the mental escape but not without other very unpleasant repercussions and addictions.

Here we have a bunch of earth elements that perhaps this feeling of euphoria was derived from . . . crystal healing, crystal grids, crystal consciousness, crystal clear, and all of those things are tools to assisting in hitting new highs and evolving ourselves to new places without suffering.

Regardless I’m glad I was sleeping back then otherwise maybe I would have judged others when they judged me rather than coming from a place of compassion and understanding.  I really understand the reaction.  I’ve been there but for the first time I’m following my feelings, gut intuitions, and the voice of consciousness.  Although I had no actual knowledge about this new world I knew I felt connected to them all of the sudden.  I wanted to learn and know what this metaphysical world was all about.  I want to be surrounded in Earth elements not this Wal-Mart reality lol.

I was at a shop in Sedona and found hundreds of beautiful pieces but I loved this one.  Kyanite.  I looked up it’s meaning which it’s a great aid in opening the throat chakra.  OMG yes totally had issues with this my whole life.

I couldn’t say shit if I had a mouthful.

I would let people run over me to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings even if they hurt mine.

I had a hard time expressing myself, standing up for me, or holding my own opinions.  I was more of the what do you think?  How can I conform to create peace here in life and with others?

My husband is the opposite reflection.  He is confrontational, pushy, and when he holds a viewpoint let’s just say he’s very passionate that everyone else should feel and think the same way.  This has made me much stronger.  Not only have I had to voice my opinion, be true to myself, but I have to fight for it in a balanced way.  My husband has absolutely made me a better person by being the yin to my yang lol.  But only after I decided to start standing up to others and voicing my own truth.  We both have a lot of different opinions but it’s so cool that we can agree to disagree.  We don’t have to see everything the same way to love one another.

For some reason this was the monster in the closet to me.  Saying how I feel when it may cause ripples was huge in my mind.  Yet, now facing and moving through that I have found that it’s so much easier than I expected!  Plus it’s made my marriage better!  Who knew lol?!?

All soulmate lessons aside the stone itself is a mirror image of what I presented to the world.  The front is somewhat rough and unrefined.  It’s beautiful but not even close to what most girls would consider the shiny bling they want to wear.

The back shows deep internal cracks and what appears to be dirt dulling the overall appearance.  My energetic body was at the same point in my journey.  The face I presented the world was like the front of the stone.  It mirrored the face that I wore out for the world to see.  My true inner self was full of deep trauma’s, layers of soul pollution dulling my shine, and hidden wounds.  Just like the appearance of the back side of the stone.  I did not wear it with the “ugly” side out just like me.  The true wounded self was hidden.  Exactly what I would do when I put the necklace on making sure to put the best side face forward.

This is exactly how the stone was a mirror to me as an energetic being.  I had woken up and realized I was living in a hologram built off of my internal self.  I could see now that I was broken.  At this point in my soul work I could not even look in the mirror and say I love myself.  I was full of insecurities, emotional baggage, and unhealed wounds.  I was clueless to even what I was doing here.  I didn’t understand the world.  I didn’t understand why I was here.  I didn’t want to be in my body.  I certainly didn’t understand any possible purpose in being in a world where so much hurt was going on.  The news was horrifying to me.  The state of the nation completely depressing.  I had lots of “issues”, anger, hate, and judgments in me even if it was for the “evil” in the world.

I didn’t just put this necklace on and think it was going to do all the work for me.  I worked in small steps on voicing my opinion.  I did self-work on flushing the people pleaser rather than an authentic person true to myself.  I started unraveling all the “issues” inside me being mirrored by the outside world.  The stone was not worn with the idea it would do everything for me.  However, it did assist me in opening my consciousness but I had to do the actual self-work.

At a certain time frame I didn’t feel the same need to wear this stone which isn’t co-incidence either.  I had upleveled, healed, and evolved through a lot of trauma and keys were coming together of what I was doing here.  I was at another crystal shop and found another piece that I liked that was amethyst.  At this point I had done a lot of healing work and this definitely reflected the new stage of life.  Amethyst is known for dealing with toxic energy.  And I was unraveling that part of my journey.  Learning how to seal off my bubble against the dark bodies and negative energy.

My husband saw the necklace and immediately reacted with a condescending tone.  “Oh I see you bought yourself something”.  I mirrored back an inner wound I had been working on . . . feeling ashamed when I spend money on myself.  Unable to receive.  Overly-Sensitive.  My reaction was immediately to qualify the purchase by saying it was $7.50.  I had gotten emotionally triggered by his comment shaming me because I had the internal matching wound.  Once all of the trauma connected to those unbalanced elements in myself healed only then would I be able to not react to his comment.  It wasn’t about him.  He was just the messenger.

Do you see when we have soulmates something much more powerful is happening!  They are wired to match our inner trauma’s.  Before I woke up I would have blamed my husband.  I would have thought he was such an asshole making me feel bad for buying a $7.50 necklace.  He probably spent more than that on gas station junk food that day lol.  Now though I see where my inner toxic voice matched his external voice to me.  That I can heal, evolve, and move through into new inner frequencies . . . able to receive without shame.  I had to giggle though at the whole experience.  The necklace itself provided me with an opportunity to do that work internally and be a messenger to me.

When we have toxic people we feel we need to block it’s actually mirroring the inner relationship.  The emotional reactions are simply clues to where we are toxic, weak, or have unhealed trauma’s in ourselves.  The laws of attractions at work bring us what is energetically inside of us already needing to be healed.  We want to blame other people.  We want to think it’s their fault.  We want to be victims.  The truth is no one controls our emotions but us.  If I emotionally react to someone now I ask myself the questions.

  • Are they are just sending me the message where I already feel this way about myself?  Our subconscious self talk can often be seen by how others talk to us.  Let’s say we have “friends” who hammer us on every mistake we make.  It’s a match for what we do with our self talk.  We mentally hammer ourselves for everything we do wrong and do NOT see, acknowledge or give ourselves credit for all the wonderful things we do right.
  • Is this something I do I cannot see because my ego wants to believe it’s fabricated stories rather than see the truth?  Sometimes it is something we do and don’t want to be accountable for fixing ourselves.  My whole life I’ve been a push over.  I let people sway me on opinions or my kids walk all over me.  I wanted them to change.  Why can’t they just do what I ask instead of fighting me all of the time?  I would get frustrated with them rather than seeing myself as the problem.  When I woke up I realized they were just here to make me stick to what I say.  Don’t weaken.  Don’t give in.  Stop being a doormat.
  • Is this something the other person is actually blaming me for but what they do?  When you start figuring out how “projection” works it’s soooooo coool!  So much of what people see in others are actually elements of themselves.  I had never known this and so I took on so much of what others said with so much confusion.  Why would they think that about me?  Why would they say that?  Well really it is actually what they were doing or trying to finger point about and they are trying to point their guilty conscious onto me.
  • Is this suffering created by my ego’s need to control the world or people?  A lot of my own issues about the state of situations and relationships were simply my ego wanting to say what is right and wrong for others.  Instead of just focus on my own life and what I was doing right and wrong.  What I needed to fix, heal, evolve, and change.  I started asking myself questions.  Can I do something about this?  Is it going to help or change the situation by getting worked up or just change my mood, outlook, and happiness?  I stopped plugging into toxic things and letting them control me.  I used all of that hurt and focused in on healing and doing things that would truly in my mind make a positive difference.

Our emotional reactions are absolutely a road map to the soul.  Some places are where we need to work on us absolutely.  And some places are where other people are mirroring back where they need to work on them but instead of seeing it for what it is they try and pin it on you.  You can insert whatever experience you want it all breaks down the same.  Just the wounds are mirrored back differently or the messages maybe different.

This is all that relationships are in our lives.  MIRRORS!  If there is some emotional suffering created in the dynamic we need to open our eyes.  These are the places where our inner garbage matches up with the garbage someone else is handing us.  Or the way they treat us matches the way we feel we deserve to be treated.  Or a spiritual test we haven’t jumped?  Or karma circling? And the reality is the truth not what the brain tries to tell us.  Truly in the space of wearing this necklace that’s exactly where I was in my life.  I had “friends” but they were only there when they wanted to use me for something.  If we allow ourselves to be used by people who’s doing the allowing?  We are.  Why?  We feel like we need to do stuff for someone to be liked.  And at the heart of me was a person who genuinely wants to help people but I was out of balance.  I had people who I was there for but were not there for me.

In none of these situations am I depending on the stones to do anything “for me” but I am allowing the opening up of the energy for them to show me “what do I need to do for myself” to heal and transform.  How can I use the crystals energy to assist me?  I look up the meanings and messages of the stones, crystals, and earth properties that have been brought into my life.  There could be a stone show up and then you have a vivid dream that’s trying to communicate some aspect or element of you.  Part of it is interpreting what the universe is trying to communicate and the other part is practical application.  You may make a crystal grid and set an intention of unlocking the true emotional issues in connection with a physical illness.  Life is full of messages but we have to change our perspective.  Look, listen, and actually do the inner/outer work!

We are in a world of hurt people hurting people and we are included in that.  In order to stop the wheel of hurt we must complete the mission here.  Evolve, heal, and transcend these old thought patterns blaming, pointing the finger, and pushing off our responsibility to heal on other people’s personality qualities.  Your body, your life, your experiences are the output of the energetic input.  It’s that simple.

Rather than blaming, judging, or feeling that things happen to you shift your perspective.  Anywhere there is suffering in your life it’s looking to send you a message of what’s already inside of you.  Weakness’s, insecurities, spiritual tests that have not been jumped, unhealed trauma’s, and inner wounds being replayed over and over.  Your job, marriage, friendships, and relationships are all designed to do one thing.  Teach, evolve, and show you where you need to do inner work.

This is the first step we need to take!  Reverse our thought process about life and start mapping everything that creates suffering back to us.  Only when we change the internal energetic charges can we reflect the new reality.  Any wars or conflicts with the world are simply mirroring the war, imbalances, and conflicts already residing inside of us.  We want to flip the switch and start mirroring back abundance, peace, love, bliss, and our healed evolved version of ourselves!

Let’s teach you how to be your own soul investigator.  All the darkness in the outside world is by design to trigger the darkness inside of us.  We need to clear those responses out and do the soul work to strip the darkness of all it’s power and allow it to let our LIGHT SHINE BRIGHTER.

I want us and our energetic bodies to stay lit up like this picture below no matter where we are, who’s trying to get in our bubble, or what’s happening in the outside world.  That is at the heart of energy healing.   Not allowing this messed up place to energetically transfer any of your inner light to the darkness.  We are coming to a time when many Starseeds are coming together to win in this energetic, physical, mental, and emotional war.  All of us must purify so we can assist the rest of the planet in understanding the keys, purpose, and build the strength that the narcissists, Illuminati, toxic personalities, Reptilians, etc. are designed to teach us.

What is happening on Earth between good and evil is going on in the small scale between people, a big scale with the governments, and on a galactic scale with different planetary members from all over the galaxy incarnating to assist Earth in this big shift.  This is exactly what we are doing here as we unfold our spiritual missions

Constantly radiating light even in the dark!  We will get into that in the next blog post.  How exactly can we do that with so many negative entities trying to tear us down?  Stay tuned!

It’s my mission in 2018 to provide free, easily accessible, understandable, clear information to everyone regardless of economic level.  If you feel like you have received something of value from this, feel inspired to do so, and are in a financial position to donate to this cause you can click the link below.  All donations go to support the time and energy I invest in providing these resources to everyone regardless of their financial situation.  In fact, some of the people who need this information the most have running programs and money blockages that prevent them from being able to afford the basics much less energy healing. Yes, I will be going into that soon too!

Much gratitude and love to everyone on their journey either way!

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2017 Turning on your INNER LIGHT!

Happy New Year 2017!

Yesterday a beautiful double rainbow showed up at my house!  Wow!  I was so grateful and in awe as I believe the universe is always talking to us.  Double rainbows signify transformation and balance between the ego/material world and spiritual/inner world.  So beautiful and powerful as I’ve been working on this blog post for the past week all focused on achieving “The Rainbow Body”.  Besides the fact I’ve spent a huge part of my time not balanced between the material/physical world and the inner/spiritual world.  Honestly getting in my body and doing the work is my original purpose and I just keep avoiding myself hahaha!  Now is the time for jumping all those hurdles.  God/Universe/Gaia you simply floor me!!!

What a wild ride I’ve been on since my “awakening” in 2014.

Spiritual awakenings can be the cataclysm to the “dark night of the soul” as I discovered who I was and my life was entirely a lie.  I was lie.  Not on purpose but trained into belief systems, patterns, and constantly working out incoming karma as well as unintentionally creating new karma.  I was born with unhealed wounds and all the players in my life were reflecting them!

I had NO CLUE who I was and if she was buried under there I was afraid to be her!

What will people think?  I have a whole life built around a system of lies.  Everything I knew as solid ground just got pulled out from underneath me.  I was completely lost!

The world had told me be a good girl.  So I was a good student, played sports, and was so nice I wouldn’t say shit if I had a mouthful.

The world said fall in love and get married.  I did.  The world said cook and clean for him.  Make him happy and so I did.  I became what he wanted and lost myself even further.

The world said be a good mother.  And so I did.  I homeschooled my children.  I raised them out of town where I could shelter them from the harsh world.  I tried to give them the best nutrition possible despite the obvious hurdles in the American diet.  I worked overtime to be everything to everyone and I knew I was falling short a LOT.

And then God blew the cork on me.

Who was I?  I was everyone they told me I needed to be.  I looked for that praise of being a good mom, a good wife, a good friend, a good . . . . you name it . . . what do you need me to be for me to feel loved.  I was working overtime for everyone but me.  I had attracted a whole slew of “takers”.

I was a fake.  I was a people pleaser.  I was completely miserable in myself and this world.

Oh look at my social media with my happy family and our perfect life.  You would never know.  My smile wasn’t real.  My laugh was not laughter simply a disguise.  I hated my life.  I hated my husband.  I felt owned by everyone including my kids and every day I tried to keep up the façade.  This is what they say to do to be “happy”?

Why am I so unhappy then?

Yes, that was rough to see and working through my own bull-sheet-o is a non-stop work in progress but I’m so much clearer and happier truly happy than I’ve ever been.  Being and knowing you’re a mess is SOLID GOLD!  I don’t think I’m alone in this either.  So many light bodies are hitting the “dark night of the soul”.

Who am I?

Without the people pleasing.

Without caring what society says I should be.

Without the way I was raised.

Who am I letting shape me out of the authentic me?

Do I really hate my husband or is it my inability to deal with him that I hate?

I love my kids!  But somewhere I started blaming them for me not pursuing my own goals.  I never realized I couldn’t set boundaries for myself.

I hated the way this world works.  The illuminati, the suffering, the oppression, and every other horrific way we hurt each other ALL of the time.  I discovered that I had not been in my body for years because I would have to face so much here that I didn’t want to see.

Wow!  I was running a constant slew of negative emotions all of the time on the inside and from the outside you would never know I was anything but “happy”.

Add in some wonderment here with the fact my new world involved experiences with energy that led me on a new path to discover . . . everything is ENERGY.  2015 unraveled a new consciousness and the student appeared!  I am so grateful for how much FREE KNOWLEDGE is on the web.  I am creating my reality and don’t realize it.  My body is more than the physical body I learned in science.  I have energetic systems opening and closing as I navigate life all of the time.  There have been spiritual tests on my path I didn’t see.  I am running programs I didn’t even know I was running.

Fear of failure.

I don’t deserve to be adored.

I don’t deserve to be heard.

I am not good enough.

I am a victim.

I cannot receive.

And more but you get my point . . . I am creating situation after situation with money, love, health, relationships, and life to validate my internal programs.  HA HA HA!

There was so much more to this life than I had imagined!  WOW!  And if anything I had created a train wreck of reality and a painful state of being.  All my finger pointing was turned right back around on ME!

2016 what a GEM!  I’ve been applying knowledge from everything I’ve studied, my energetic experiences, and my state of being.  Switching the programs!

Nothing in my life where I pointed the finger was the problem.  I was and for the first time if you look at my social media you’ll see the true authentic me in love with my life and my family!  Truly I’m so grateful for them because these players in my life were simply reflecting my wounded parts. Only in soul healing ME can my life reflect the shining light inside me!

These are the laws of the universe and we are all here learning and growing but we’ve never been taught how to look inside ourselves.  The external world is created by the internal world yet no one had ever showed me this invisible world.

Knowing what switches are being flipped, when, how, and connecting the dots totally AHHHH MAZ ING!  I recently went to a field trip with my daughter.  The U of A Planetarium.  There was a display there that I found a total treasure . . . well beyond the amazing display of crystals!

We hear of so many people that can see aura’s, chakra’s, meridian’s, the matrix weave, and fragments of energy.  I thought the display really defined the difference that the simple switching of a light can do around what we see!


What is reality?

Is what we see really the whole picture or just determined by fragments of information reflecting at different wavelengths in accordance with your frequency and vibration?  Or should I say running programs, unhealed wounds, karmic ties, and spiritual tests?  When you press the button a whole new world of light reflects!


Our energetic/spiritual bodies are just like this but the energy is constantly moving and flowing.  As we navigate through life, experience relationships, emotions, and situations these energetic switches turn off and on.  This energy feeds our physical body or constricts it’s natural rhythms.  That is the key to self healing and the purpose of life.  Turning all of the lights ON!!

We must learn to navigate this world full of darkness and very dense energy while maintaining a high vibration.  Everything in our world is by design to make us grow and deeply experience.  We are ALL born with unfinished business to deal with, jump over, and learn from in order to awaken the inner God/Goddess!

This is it the time to heal our wounds, run the new programming, constantly keep all of our energetic/spiritual systems open ALL of the time regardless of the situation, end the karmic journey by putting all the puzzle pieces together on exactly how we’ve acted without compassion or in the world of judgement’s to put this jig saw life completely together.  We just need to decode the jungle and learn what switches are running what light’s!

2017 is the YEAR!

What switches are you turning off and on that you may not be aware of?

Do some self-assessing!

Here are some great places to start . . . do some inner work here.

Self-reflect on what you may be shutting off in these energy systems by not operating in balance.  Check out the positive as open energy flowing and negative qualities as blocked energy.



Running Programs: 

Journal repeat patterns you have found yourself in with relationships, money, career, friends, family and love!  Use this as a tool to unlock what’s in your inner vibration and become balanced.

Divisions from Self-Love:

Make a list of all the places you criticize yourself and do not fully love yourself unconditionally.  I noticed feeling what I call the “ickies all over” in doing energy work with people.  That means this is something deeply rooted that they reject about themselves.  Really let all of that anger, frustration, and guilt you’re holding for yourself go.  Fill up every part of yourself with love for YOU just as you are IMPERFECTLY PERFECT!

Divisions from Loving Others:

Journal everything that makes you crazy about other people.  You’re judgement’s against others are keys to you!  Either it’s something you do and cannot see or it’s a spiritual test you haven’t jumped. Trust me there’s lot’s of stuff I do that I didn’t want to see . . . it’s human nature.  But when you see you are imperfect you cannot hold onto judgement’s.  Besides when you start seeing that karma wheel and you suddenly get to stand in someone’s shoes that you judged, guess what happens . . . COMPASSION.  Or when you see someone just openly abusing you right to your face and you have to stick up for yourself when before you may have just muffled your inner voice . . . you get really grateful when you move from victim to warrior or I do not deserve to be heard to I deserve to be heard.  Thank you for being an asshole so I have to deal with my non-confrontational self and confront you.  You’re purpose on my path is so crystal clear.

Physical Body:

Look at the physical body and work backwards.  What part’s of my body are not functioning properly?  What does that connect to spiritually?

I don’t want to get too technical.  Just remember emotions are the map.  Anywhere we drop into lower emotions during our day is carrying a message that we need to unravel!  Become a decoder!  Meditation is a huge facilitator in self-realization.  Or you can hit that subconscious mind easily during life as there are all times we have where we are actually not consciously present.  Driving is a really big time for me to unravel messages.  Taking walks.  Don’t make it complicated to look within or you won’t do it lol!  If you have a 10 minute commute make use of that time.  Every time you shower use that time.  Shower meditations are awesome and powerful besides everyone showers already no extra time is needed!

What about right there in every situation you see yourself drop into lower emotions?  Ask yourself why is this happening?  What is this designed to teach me about myself that I’ve yet to learn?

If you feel like you need some help with assessing yourself I’ve got several new packages I offer to access your energy systems.  Sometimes it is difficult to be realistic about ourselves.  We can easily identify repeat patterns, lies, and illusions in others but we run around with a blind eye to ourselves.

You’ll find lot’s of great affordable healing packages in my shop like . . .

chakra-reading-5 chakra-reading-6

As the year goes on look for a wave of books coming to uncover your natural healer.  One of my biggest missions is to make self-healing become a natural part of our lives.  The initial tips and techniques may need to be learned as we awaken ourselves but healing should be widely available, easy to understand and implement, and within everyone’s budget!

It’s my mission in 2018 to provide free, easily accessible, understandable, clear information to everyone regardless of economic level.  If you feel like you have received something of value from this, feel inspired to do so, and are in a financial position to donate to this cause you can click the link below.  All donations go to support the time and energy I invest in providing these resources to everyone regardless of their financial situation.  In fact, some of the people who need this information the most have running programs and money blockages that prevent them from being able to afford the basics much less energy healing. Yes, I will be going into that soon too!


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This is a great book by Sherry Anshara that talks about this great age we are moving into.  She discusses the connection between the running programs, chakra’s, unhealed wounds and how to move through any dysfunctional patterns.  I highly recommend it to those doing soul work.

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