Bully Brave – Heal To Break Free

Bully Brave – Heal To Break Free

I’ve been so overwhelmed by some of the video clips lately showing the narcissistic bully victimizing innocent people.  It’s seriously such a heart wrenching experience for an Empath to see someone else be traumatized by the offenses of the dark bodies walking this planet.  It’s even more frustrating to know what’s happening under the veil and inside the holographic universe that most people do not see or understand.  And it’s part of my mission for 2018 to break down all the barriers between good and evil like we discussed on this last post.

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For so long I just could NOT even begin to understand why these hurtful human beings would be a part of God’s plan.  Then I discovered they have a purpose in our healing and soul evolution!!

Keaton Jones I want you to heal, evolve, and transform from your experiences.  I want all of us who have dealt with the bully to strip them of their power and give it back to ourselves.  Here is the link to the youtube video that inspired me if it does not load for you.


Certainly I am not trying to justify them with what you are about to read.  However, I am seriously concerned that if we do not teach these principles the wheels of trauma will continue to go around and around without their purpose being recognized.       

Let me make this as simple as possible.

You are in a container with two forces:

  1. dark bodies – those people who get a feedback from hurting others and are not capable of human emotion such as empathy or compassion.
  2. light bodies – those people who get a feedback from helping others and are capable of profound amounts of empathy and compassion, in fact, to the point where WHEN OTHERS ARE HURT WE HURT.

You have a physical body and world that you can see which is what we all know.

You have an energetic and spiritual body that most people cannot see that consists of energy vibrating at all different frequencies.  These can be seen by some as etheric cords all connecting us together.  Much how your television works – all different pixels of light being reflected at different wavelengths to create “reality”.  These pixels of light contain all the coding of your cellular structure, unhealed wounds, and inner trauma’s.  They become broadcast here on “Earth” in order to reflect back those experiences you need to evolve, heal, and change through a system called suffering or bliss.  Bliss being the healed evolved you mirrored back through life.

Most of you already know this holographic universe or matrix exists but for those who’ve stumbled across my blog here is a link to the scientific evidence supporting this theory.

Science Daily – Holographic Universe

Your ability to see the matrix is completely unimportant because the answers are all here in the physical output and can easily be unraveled when you learn the techniques.  It’s all up to YOU.

Let’s get to it!

Have you noticed bullies only pick certain people to victimize?!?  And the victim usually carries out a very dramatic response to their attacks?!?!  What is this method of selection that is being used?!?  Some random inconsistent decision or something much deeper.  It’s actually a very scientific system all relating to inner trauma’s that are identical within both parties.  Even if the methods of extracting energy, love, attention, and validation are from opposite systems the bottom line issues are the same.

The dark body or narcissist is insecure and does not feel lovable at their core so they must tear someone else down to elevate themselves.  The victim does not internally feel lovable and the places the bully chooses to hit on are exact matches for where the victim is insecure.

The bully is that loud, screaming, obnoxious, hurtful voice in the outside world that matches the victims internal voice.

What do I mean by this?

What if YOU HATE YOUr nose or big butt?  Whatever it is that you have issues with YOU!  You will immediately get emotionally triggered when the bully starts running around in circles making fun of you.  What if you decide to unconditionally love your imperfections (heart chakra)?  We are all imperfect here but the empath or light body internally magnifies their imperfections.   Here the narcissist bully has shown up to painfully reflect that relationship the individual has with themselves!

You know why?

Without the pain we would never do the self work to finally see those spaces.  No self growth occurs where we are comfortable.  What happens when you see that this is about you rather than them?  You do the inner healing work to accept and unconditionally love yourself no matter what it is . . . the big nose, stupid, you fill in your own blank.

You could care less what they say about you when you:


They are no longer triggering that inner trauma.  That completely robs them of any sick payoff they can get from torturing you.  What’s the most horrific powerful experience the bully can have that completely goes against the fibers of their being.

You unconditionally love yourself so deeply that no one can pull you into their games.

Yep, I have a big nose.  OR  You’re right.  I do have learning difficulties and challenges.  SO do you, in fact, we all have strengths and weakness’s that are different.  The heart chakra can stay open because you have chosen unconditional love.  The throat chakra can stay open because you have stated your feelings but are unattached to their reaction.  So what you want to jump around and call me names?!?  You will know you have completely healed when being faced with them or re-counting there offenses no longer emotionally triggers you.

They are giving you the road map to your broken parts.  Just like the video with this little boy.  What if he looked at the situation as a source to do healing work?  Is it really about the bully saying my face is ugly, I have no friends, or I feel like my face is ugly or is my self worth dependent on having friends?  I decided on a system of taught belief systems that I am acceptable and lovable on these conditions or physical attributes.  If I do not fit the cookie cutter mold they do not accept me and neither do I.  Whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally, or whatever it is that space the bully seems to hurt your feelings.  That’s where the healing work can be done.  Until the victim accepts and unconditionally loves himself these situations will keep coming up for him!

And honestly it must happen to create the suffering to finally find value and love for himself exactly as he is imperfectly perfect.  Only then can his emotional reaction to the bully’s slams over and over not emotionally affect him.  The truth is we do not know how to unconditionally love ourselves much less others.  All these games on the outside world reflect the games each and every single one of us play with ourselves.  THIS IS THE TIME OF ENLIGHTENMENT TO HEAL!

Only then when he unconditionally loves those broken parts can he mirror situations in life with people who unconditionally love him.  Only when the bully unconditionally loves himself without needing to tear others down to lift himself up can he heal his own toxic behaviors.  That is exactly why UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the MAGICAL UNIVERSAL FORCE that will change everything.

Let’s say you start doing the inner work to unconditionally love your broken parts.  By healing these inner wounds they cannot get to you.  They are used to you being terrorized by their actions and now you do not emotionally get pulled into their games.  They will bump up their monkey behaviors jumping around, loud, rude, and right in your face to test you.

Will they be able to get under your skin?  Providing us with the great lesson as stated by Ghandi – “No one can hurt me without my permission.”  You must engage them in some way or “give them permission” to let their words hurt you.  Guess what that means you also have the power to “deny them access”.  When you completely deal with these personalities unaffected you will realize how much stronger they have made you in their attempts to tear you down.

If the narcissistic bully is capable of pulling you into self-doubt, anger, frustration, insecurity, conditional love, shame, guilt, etc. they will keep coming back for more.  That’s the energy they need just like your body needs food.  And trust me they will get loud and in your face if you do not engage with them.  That’s how they provide another spiritual test for you.  You must stand up for yourself in a healthy way without dropping into rage or anger.

You must learn self control in order to keep your cool and not go into the deep end with them.


Beyond a physical confrontation with them what is this barrage of hurtful words anyway.  A way to inspire that ego of yours to fall into their traps.  It’s like the gnats that buzz around while you are trying to meditate or work outside and every part of you wants to squash that little sucker but you can’t get your fingers on him.  He knows how to get right by your ear and make a lot of noise to come between you and your focus.  The trick and the power is in staying focused, centered, and open regardless of conditions.

They are just the trigger point you needed and messenger of YOUR inner wounds and imbalances.  They have the road map to your cracks and so do you by every time you emotionally react to them!

There are 3 main parts to healing through the bullies attacks:

  1. They do not love you for your imperfections meets I do not love myself for my imperfections.
  2. Lack of self-control meets that pushy barometer of your self-control.  Seriously, you just want to punch them in the face and you must evolve beyond that inner child who let’s others have control of you emotions and physical reactions.  It won’t be easy.  They are completely designed to get you wound up by knowing ALL your hot buttons!
  3. Why would anyone care what a heartless bully thinks?  They are heartless human beings.  Yet the victim will care what they think.  They have not self-partnered.  Self-partnering is that solid unconditional love, honoring, and taking care of YOU regardless of what anyone else thinks.  If the victim has not reached this level of self-growth and is still depending on other people to love and accept themselves when the bully pulls the plug on them what happens?!?  They have no inner partnership to depend on!  If we have abandoned ourselves and who we are it is deeply traumatic when the outside world does.  Only when we are a support of love to ourselves will it not matter who does or does not like us or what they say about us.  You know who you are and value yourself unwavered by anyone else’s opinion.

When you heal, evolve, and transform through the experience you no longer feed them any energy.  They will be forced to move onto a new “victim” for supply.  You no longer have anything to offer them as this new version of yourself shows up!

We must teach our children as well as ourselves to switch the flip on them and take back our personal power!!

Teaching the methods of looking outside of ourselves and for other people to change is an old paradigm that does not work, evolve, or heal at a soul cellular level.  Looking at ourselves and the experience is an indicator of our unhealed wounds is where the growth happens.  We cannot continue to stay in these repeat patterns begging the abusers to modify their behavior.


I am also a huge proponent of learning physical self-defense.  I realize that this has been lost to the “new age” culture but we must face the fact that there are people who will hurt you.  Trust me I spent a long time trying to turn the other cheek on that but in “waking up” I realized that my body was to be honored, loved, and cherished.  However, I may be put under the test of physically standing up for it as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I am not here to invoke harm but I do believe the strength God gives us DOES NOT come from handing all of our personal power away.  The power comes from each and every single one of us using the temple (physical vessel) to stand for what is right and just.  We must train our youth and ourselves the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual STRENGTH to be used with honor, self-control, and to stand for the principles of true justice.

Speaking of which that gives a whole other element of spiritual tests for the victims and outsiders watching the bullies now doesn’t it!

Will you stand for others or sit and watch because of your own inner fears of the bully?  Have we become so self-absorbed we care more about our own cheeseburger than another human being?  Check out this video!


The bully is a coward picking on the weak but they are spurring the coward in each and every single one of us.  What happens if you feel angry at yourself for not standing up for yourself or someone else?  You create a repeat wheel of that exact situation until you unconditionally love yourself as the coward rather than warrior.  Everything here is working in it’s perfect order to trigger those wounds.  When you move out of that self-anger and into unconditional love for yourself as “the coward” only then can you move forward into “the warrior” status. (completely connected to solar plexus and sacral chakra’s)

This is a necessary and important step otherwise you will make judgement’s of those who sit and watch while doing nothing instead of see them in compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.  Awe so many facets to one experience!!  This blog post would be a book if I went deeply into the many elements.

Training here isn’t simply emotional, mental, or spiritual it encompasses the whole wheel including physical.  What if we started enrolling future generations in self-defense classes?  We explained how these bullies were simply triggers for us to do self-work.  Our emotional responses for their harsh words and how we react to them is completely up to us.  Yet, there is this physical element that must be addressed.  Not all bullies use physical force but they are cowards themselves so they only choose the “weak”.  What if this mother got her child enrolled in self-defense classes or some type of training to boost his confidence, power, and sense of security that only comes from knowing you can take care of you.

We must move out of this mindset that the police, teacher, parent, or God will protect us and start empowering ourselves and our children.  The dark forces want us to be weak, helpless victims, and to operate in EGO because we make easier targets!

God’s waiting for you to tap into this grand source.  Without the bullies supplying the experience to be moved through we cannot evolve the God/Goddess inside of each and every single one of US!  The bible even references this energetic chakra system.

“As God created Man in his own image, so is the body of Man like into the image of this universe.  The material body of Man has also got seven conspicuous places within it called Patals.  Turning toward his self while man advances in the right way he perceives the Spiritual Light in these places which are described in the Bible as so many Churches and The Lights perceived therein like stars as so many Angels.  Vide Rev. 1, 12, 13, 16, 20

” – and having turned I saw seven golden candlesticks.”  “And in the midst of of the seven candlesticks one like into the Son of Man.”

” – and he had in his right hand seven stars.”

” – the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches; and the seven candlesticks which thou sewest are seven churches.”

Quoted from the great book The Holy Science by Swami Jui Maharaj.

The Book of Revelations is referencing the energetic body as running the “light body.”  The chakra’s meridians, grid, radiant circuits, etc. all being connected to the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical body.

Running in complete light regardless of this physical world and the darkness takes self-work but for those seekers who choose to ignite their own rainbow body the payoff is eternal.  We must incarnate here over and over again until we reach this frequency and vibration.  Until then the world is still here triggering our inner trauma’s and spiritual tests we have not yet jumped.

Everything is here exactly as it needs to be for you to work on you!

This battle starts with each and every single one of us in our homes with our lives and our children.

No one else needs to change.  Everything is here for a specific purpose.

Ignite your inner warrior of light!



It’s my mission in 2018 to provide free, easily accessible, understandable, clear information to everyone regardless of economic level.  If you feel like you have received something of value from this, feel inspired to do so, and are in a financial position to donate to this cause you can click the link below.  All donations go to support the time and energy I invest in providing these resources to everyone regardless of their financial situation.  In fact, some of the people who need this information the most have running programs and money blockages that prevent them from being able to afford the basics much less energy healing. Yes, I will be going into that soon too!

Much gratitude and love to everyone on their journey either way!

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Transforming Anger Into Unconditional Love

We are moving into new places with thoughts about love as the planet ascends. All the old paradigms are shifting and disappearing into smoke. As outbursts of hate and anger get posted all over the T.V., internet, and social media it’s important to gain some understanding of the tools the illuminati is using against us so we don’t support their efforts in dividing us from each other and unconditional love. Kip Moore recently stated his own thoughts about spreading love and it triggered me into thinking how we have all been taught and raised with belief systems about love.  Here’s his post on social media . . .

I admire his bravery for standing for love regardless if he lost record sales or fan base.  No doubt his true meaning to love one another sparked a lot of angry comments.  Definitely not the intention I’m sure but no doubt he’ll receive some less than positive responses.  Now why is that?

Kip is standing for love in his statement but it’s a conditional love.  Conditional love is deciding that if someone acts, behaves, or is a certain way you love and accept them.  Racism is deciding to reject someone due to skin color but could it not also be deciding to reject someone for their belief systems?  Is hating and dividing from someone due to belief systems any different that hating and dividing from someone due to color?

One party states:  I reject you because of your skin color.

The other party states:  I reject you because of your racism.

Are both loves at the bottom line not the same.  Based on conditions?

I understand his point and do not personally believe in racism or that path is right for me.  Yet, is it our job to determine what is right or wrong for anyone else?  He clearly states he is living his belief systems he was raised with but what if he was raised with different belief systems?  Are we not all souls or spirits first and then incarnate in a body in this dimension?  Is the test of unconditional love only created by separating us into different skin colors, religions, languages, belief systems, social class, etc and then saying now work your way back to oneness and unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion.  For sure this is God’s dream.  Couldn’t he have just made us all have the same language, belief systems, religion, skin color, etc?  But truly what sort of hurdles or barriers would we have to jump in order to develop true UNCONDITIONAL love.

Where’s the growth or strength if we are all here having the same sexuality, race, ideals, belief systems, religions, social classes, etc?

Since Kip brings in Jesus let’s just talk about that guy too.  Jesus unconditionally loved all which even meant those that persecuted him because he was coming from the heart center recognizing what the ignorance was truly all about.  Passed down belief systems about religion, skin color, sexuality, class, etc.  Besides he knew that they were acting out the exact series of events he needed to test his own faith of unconditional love.  Not that he desired to persecute anyone himself but understanding he was in a “set-up” to spiritually evolve.  Can you love others even when they desire to kill you and in fact do?  All these games we play are simply a set-up for one person.  You!

You are in a physical body in this world for a reason.  To change you not anyone else.  Everything is operating exactly how it needs to be in order to teach you everything you need to know.  The truth is none of us truly know how to unconditionally love.

What would happen if Kip replied to every heated response to this post with a simple, “I respect your opinion but I do not agree with you.  We don’t have to agree in order to love one another.”  The fight (anger and division) comes when one party tries to convince the other who is right.  What if someone called that black guy a “nigger” and he chose to just unconditionally love that person even if they criticized him and let it go.  What if someone criticized Kip for his post and instead of reacting he made the same choice.  That’s exactly what stops anger, hatred, and division right in it’s tracks.

What happens though?  We get our feelings hurt and react getting emotionally involved rather than knowing who we are, what we stand for, and our own opinions don’t need any validation from anyone else.  Then we reject each other due to those differences whether it’s color of skin or beliefs.  There will always be people trying to tear you down on purpose.

“Some people try to make themselves feel tall by cutting off the heads of others.”  Yogananda

What we don’t recognize is we don’t have to engage.  We have to gain strength here to accomplish that inner solidity.  Are you going to have to stop being everyone else’s emotional pin ball?  Do you have to realize they are coming from their own belief systems, reality, and ideals?  Yes!  Can you stand for your principles and allow others to do the same without creating hatred and division.  Absolutely!

You’re going to have learn what this dimension is designed to teach you.  How to love others when they are not behaving according to your set conditions.  How to understand what the experience is showing you where you haven’t yet grown and evolved spiritually.

When you get into soul work and see all of life as simply a working of unhealed spaces you realize you need criticism.  All the criticism that emotionally gets you worked up is trying to show you something.  If I call you a “stupid nigger” and internally you don’t feel like you are stupid or a nigger you blow me off.  If it matches the internal wound where internally you feel like you are “stupid nigger” then you get upset and emotionally over react.  Maybe you had a hard time reading and growing up that’s all you felt.  I am stupid compared to everyone else.  You decided to love you on conditions.  That person is simply triggering that inner tear in your spirit where you are divided from unconditionally loving yourself!  Only when you come to terms with yourself and your own inadequacies unconditionally loving the imperfections and faults within you will you be able to step over the spiritual hurdle and no longer emotionally react to that critical, harsh person who calls you a “stupid nigger”.  Once you get it you’ll no longer feel angry with them just gratitude and unconditional love because you finally accept yourself just as you are rather than societies conditions.

If you want to move even deeper into this you could search your Akashic records.  Everything here is by design.  Perhaps you were smart in a past lifetime but you got conceited and arrogant about yourself.  You were “that person” who called someone “stupid” in this example.  Now you are on the receiving end as the universe works on karma to deepen our compassion.  Perhaps like me you start doing soul work and find out in a past lifetime you killed your own brother due to religious beliefs.  Maybe Jesus knew that about himself.  He persecuted someone in a past lifetime and instead of seeing them as a separate he saw everything infinitely woven together.  He needed the experience to end his karma by being that unconditional love even for those who persecute you.  You see yourself as “them” making decisions according to these dysfunctional belief systems and hold that constant state of unconditional love.

For so long I felt just like Kip so flabbergasted by the state of our world.  Why can’t anyone see that love is the answer?  Why is everyone running around hurting one another?  I didn’t understand until I started having experiences with energy and consciousness that everything here was exactly the way it needed to be in order to deepen me.

I agree with Kip you can’t just say you’re a Jesus lover you have to make a stand for love just make sure it’s unconditional love whether it’s for yourself or others.  This world is messy for a reason.  To change, strengthen, and develop you.

So how do we become unconditional love and create that tidal wave?

  1. Get out of the victim mindset.  If someone criticizes you and it hurts your feelings ask yourself if some way you love yourself on conditions.  They are simply your messenger.
  2. Inspect your judgement’s into others and see what are they trying to tell you about yourself.  For example, I used to hate bossy, pushy people because I was a doormat.  I wanted them to change rather than me standing for myself.  I was also very much in a victim mindset operating like a little girl “she called me a name, he hurt my feelings” in an adult body.  I felt that if everyone treated each other nicely I wouldn’t have to deal with this weakness in myself.  I no longer operate in that victim status.  I stand for myself yet still respect others but that’s taking unconditionally loving me as the pushover and then moving into the goddess warrior.  If there weren’t bossy, critical, people I would never had the suffering inside myself that pushed to me to finally stand up for me.  When you stand up for yourself you no longer are so angry with them.  I needed to strengthen this internal weakness.  Set boundaries for myself in a balanced way.
  3. Let go of trying to change each other and unconditionally love all.  You do not have to share all the same ideals with someone, live the same way, or make the same choices.  You are responsible for you.  All these games we play with each other are a set up.  A screen set where karma unfolds, strengths and weakness’s shine, and spiritual tests can be presented.  You can only control one person.  You!

“No one can hurt me without my permission.” -Ghandi

Sounds great for you Ghandi!  I just can’t help but give them permission.  You know why?  Because we ourselves still have weak spots, unhealed wounds and spiritual hurdles we have yet to jump.  The issue isn’t them it’s you and always has been.  I love this short video by one of my favorite healers Melanie Toni Evans.  She eloquently and so beautifully explains how these concepts of unconditional love are changing.  I also recommend her book “Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse” for anyone attracted to toxic personalities.  If you are interested you can buy it here through our affiliate link which gives us a commission from the book and any purchases you make by clicking through this link. “You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse: The 1 System for Recovering from Toxic Relationships

Each of us can be a part of that tidal wave as every present moment is providing us with opportunities to unconditionally love or divide.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Set the platform for other’s to follow.  You will know when you get there.  You will no longer be compelled to fight with anyone.  Even if it’s simply words . . . not that you don’t voice your opinion or stand for what you believe in!

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha


It’s my mission in 2018 to provide free, easily accessible, understandable, clear information to everyone regardless of economic level.  If you feel like you have received something of value from this, feel inspired to do so, and are in a financial position to donate to this cause you can click the link below.  All donations go to support the time and energy I invest in providing these resources to everyone regardless of their financial situation.  In fact, some of the people who need this information the most have running programs and money blockages that prevent them from being able to afford the basics much less energy healing. Yes, I will be going into that soon too!


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You can also subscribe to my blog by entering your email address below.  Get updated when new blog posts get published, books are released, and healing video’s become available.  Just like this article all it takes is shifting our perspective and knowing how to unravel the messages.  Let’s all move into the healed, evolved layers of ourselves so we can reflect a new reality and move into New Earth!