I got introduced to this concept of Indigo Children a few years ago when I started having experiences with energy. I am assuming that most of you who have found me are also aware of their presence. If not you can find lot’s of information online, books, and video’s to further your understanding and knowledge. I discovered even my own children displayed so many of their characteristics! I started noticing other children who displayed the characteristics of this next wave of children.  They are here to help us with the Ascension of the Planet as we move into the age of “Enlightenment”. This is my daughter Kiera about a year ago at a jewelry making party. There was lots of natural and man made stones, gems, and sparkling treasures that lit her up! In fact if she ever gets any money she wants to head to the metaphysical shop and buy a crystal. She is naturally so grounded in the Earth!


About a week ago I opened up the door to her room and found a medicine wheel looking arrangement of stones. She explained to me how she was channeling the negative energy from her sister lol!  When she gets any money or for “presents” she wants crystals.  I found her arrangements all of the place along with profound deep statements.  She is very much still a kid but has special gifts.

She is extremely telepathic and has been somewhat of a medium between my family and my dad who died before she was born. There is natural connection between the two of them. They actually have the same sense of humor. She will throw comments about him into conversations . . . things she would not know!!  So cool when it happens too!

I happened to have text a picture of me at a full moon ceremony to family member who is also highly connected spiritually. We started to text about the biggest orb closest to me by my shoulders. He asked me if I thought that was my moon? I actually wasn’t sure but I am sure we all miniature galaxies . . . beyond the illusion of the physical body. I really think he knew intuitively that was my moon. However neither of us was sure and all of this transpired over text while I was cooking and my girls were running around the house.


Kiera came over to me with this sketched out on a napkin. She went into a beautiful explanation of all the representations on her drawing. There is no way she knew on a conscious level our conversation!


She told me my moon was in the higher hand while the sun was in the other hand! The flower represents Earth and the lines are the connections to multiple dimensions. There are codes in my heart to unlock all the doors. Pretty fascinating how the universe conspires to answer all questions!! I know there are more people out there too who have children like mine. The school system has misdiagnosed so many of them. I am lucky I have home schooled and sent them to a Waldorf Style School with the most amazing teachers. However not all these children are like that and the system wants to label them and tell parents “something is wrong with them.”

Even with my older daughter Roxie pictured in the middle has shown special gifts. I have watched her gifts diminish as she moves deeper into ego rather than spirit. A few years ago she could see and would talk about the matrix. “Mom there’s all these cords connecting everyone together.” Fascinating listening her go into representation of the energetic world. However she has shut down so much of that as she struggles to fit in with “normal” society.  I’m sure it will all come back!


She is also on the extremely high functioning end of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Roxie has given herself this as a karmic tie and deepening of her love during this lifetime. In her past life she was a great leader and powerful king! There are great spiritual tests here and positions of great power require deep inner strength. She fell into some of those ego traps during that lifetime and became arrogant, lazy, and pompous. She started to lack empathy for others in their challenges. Labeling and hurting others with her comments of “stupidity”. Even in her natural state she very much wants to be in control of herself, the household, and others. Her way is the right way . . . and me being her mom recognizing there is no right way as we all find our own way that is right for us is frustrating for her!

In many ways she is brilliant and amazing though!  She has amazing mathematical capabilities and is a talented artist. However she struggles with reading and writing as any child with a learning challenge does. This is her own battle to fight with feeling “stupid”. She works very hard at school and hates feeling like she is not at least on the same level as her peers. All negative emotions create an energy and effect the cellular physical structure whether they are for ourselves or others. Can you imagine a child who feels “stupid, angry, frustrated” at school all day long?  What is this doing for their cellular structure that consists completely of the energetic/mental/emotional input?


Roxie truly is so very borderline on the autism spectrum that beyond a few mannerisms you would never know she struggles with a learning disability. These challenges will ultimately deepen her unconditional love for others who struggle in certain area’s. She must deeply love herself even when those feelings show up that make her feel she is not as “smart” as her peers. The comparative mind will lead her down the wrong path if she cannot see it’s twisty turns telling her “She is not good enough”. We all rate ourselves against each other as it is a test that creates suffering designed to see our way out of! She also has to recognize she is not perfect as we are all imperfect forgive and love herself exactly as she is as well as others. Honestly she strives so hard and puts so much pressure on being “perfect”.  There are many reasons this dimension is here and by design leads us to deeper levels of strength in unconditional love, compassion, joy, peace, and so many other things but the path has to be understood not deeply misunderstood!

We as parents must be conscious and direct our children into deeper levels of their gifts! The normal system would have labeled both of my daughters. They would not fit in and so ADHD, Autism, or the many other restricting thoughts would have inflicted their growth and development. These are exciting times we are in but the current systems must start teaching these beautiful children of how the mental, emotional, spiritual/energetic, and physical bodies work together. The true working of the universe need to be given to this new generation to expand on and move fully into this new Age Of Enlightenment. Exciting times are here and the key codes can be found directly in our own heart!


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Supplemental read:  All the concepts that I discuss in my own work have led me to others that have scientifically explained the connection.  The picture above of the water crystals is by Dr. Emoto and he has a huge body of work connecting the actual structure of molecules around thoughts.  This leads us to making connections about how our thoughts affect our molecular structure.  I highly recommend this book if you are looking to deepen your perspective on how powerful thoughts are to our bodies and everything around us.

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